There are so many articles, tutorials and free lessons online that will guide your way to the strategizing digital marketing with best SEO tips. And more than 90% of the SEO is about content and almost every SEO practice is accompanied by unique content. WebContent is inclusive of blogs, articles, guest posts, testimonials, press releases, newsletters, descriptions, posts taglines, image captions and what not? SEO service provider mostly relies on content to achieve the best results. Content and SEO in short, complement each other and together work to increase the website traffic.

Altering the link structures, stuffing keywords and playing smart with the Meta tags are not just the only methods to garner high traffic to the website. Contents open up more ways to grow the traffic. Google, however, filters only the high-quality data for consideration and SEO does it all to support the content to achieve the better search engine ranking as well as to garner increased website traffic.

Generally, content marketing is mistaken for the SEO process, but the truth is these are entirely different and work on different approaches. With search engine optimization, digital marketing service providers device narrow and technical practices that are designed to complement the comprehensive approach of content.

We have been stating that content and SEO complement each other. But how? A business hires a digital marketing service in Delhi when it needs better online visibility and want to reach the broad potential customer base. For better online visibility, it is vital that the name of the business appears among the top search results on the first page. With unique and tasteful contents, there are more chances that the business will have a broader reach. Stuffing keywords thoughtfully in that content is just like throwing the seeds in the well-ploughed farmland. As more and more people go through the keywords (specifically targeted for the business), the search engine ranking would move up automatically.

Content marketing and SEO, when clubbed together, can accomplish greater search engine results. But companies providing SEO services after analyzing the business requirements, decide what content strategies should be followed to obtain the premium results. Like for some projects, it may not be essential to spreading a well-knit content web consisting of blogs, articles, and press releases. In short, it is all about keeping the balance between SEO and content marketing.

Looking at it from a different angle, few projects do not require dynamic and updating information in different content forms, which is updated at a very regular interval. For those, focusing just on link building, and the content with longer shelf life like website content.

For all that matters, it will be easier to identify what digital marketing strategy one must adapt if the purpose of digitally promoting the website is clear and through. Like whether boosting website users is important or increasing the conversion rate is the primary concern – identifying it depends whether content marketing would be a better option for the project or the SEO.